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"This top is AMAZING! The fit is so beautiful and the tank sucks you in. It hides all imperfections and can be dressed up or down."

-Eleni M.


"If you’re looking for a something super comfy, but doesn’t make you feel “blah” this is definitely the best thing for you!! I love how I feel so stinking comfortable but also very cute and put together. Also the color is so flattering!"

-Lindsey J.


"I got the pink sunglasses and I'm so in love with them! They are just perfect."



"Truly my go-to Jean. I'm very very picky about the way jeans fit as they can't be too tight nor too loose...these are perfect for me. Plus the detailing at the bottom make it easy to rock any kind of shoe!"

-Jillian H.


"I love the quality, and comfort of these Joggers! True to size and just what you need for the perfect Sunday lounge day"


About The CEO

Grow. Evolve. Transform. 


Hii everyone! My name is Medina and I am the owner & creator of My Flutur.

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with beauty and fashion! I started My Flutur because I wanted to see my style and my fashion sense come to life. I wanted to find the clothes that make me feel confident & beautiful and give them to all of you!

I named this company "My Flutur" because I wanted the meaning to be personal. My nationality is Albanian and it's a pretty big piece of me. In Albanian, the word "flutur" means butterfly. In English, "flutur" kind of looks like flutter; which, also, can relate to a butterfly. I have always loved the symbolism of a butterfly. Butterflies represent growth and change. Our beauty lies within our journeys because that's where we become brave enough to discover ourselves. We get to know our beauty from the inside out. We grow, we evolve, and we transform. I don't know about you, but I think seeing growth is absolutely beautiful. 

So thank you for supporting a small business and giving My Flutur a chance! 




P.S. When I'm not running my boutique, I'm creating new looks for my makeup instagram @medinaamua.